Vermin: A Traveler's Bestiary
Marilyn Stablein is a wonderful writer who knows a vermin when she sees—or meets—one. If I were a Texan I’d say, ‘Read her book rat now!’”                                                                                                            --  Barry Gifford

Heading 4

 Houseboat on the Ganges & A Room in Kathmandu 

Houseboat on the Ganges and A Room in Kathmandu (Chin Music Press) is a memoir of aerograms Stablein wrote about her life roughing it on the back roads and pilgrimage trails in the himalayas during the post-beat countercultural sixties. Before the Internet, texting, cell phones and social media, the young artist immerses herself in Eastern spiritual and artistic traditions and chronicles encounters with yogis, artists, travelers and spiritual luminaries like Ram Dass and H.H. the Dalai Lama.


Milepost 27


ISBN: 978-1-936364-31-2

"Stablein's words map landscapes both physical and emotional, from Kathmandu to high desert, from joy to 'the arroyos of the grieved.' Her voice, her precise imagery cut through these pages 'like a blowtorch cuts into steel."
                                                                                   -Sibyl James
Splitting Hard Ground


"Lines of stunning force...the simple pathos of these poems is overwhelming...

amid the travel journals and bric-a-brac of an adventurous and often painful life: deep memories; exquisite imagery and graceful music...  SPLITTING HARD GROUND delights and saturates all our senses. Enthusiastically recommended. "

                                                                                        --Martin Abramson

Sleeping in Caves


​     In the heyday of the sixties the nineteen year old poet and artist travels overland to the Himalayas to study calligraphy and mandala painting with Tibetan masters, encountering a host of counterculture and spiritual luminaries including  Ram Dass, H.H. the Dalai Lama, Yogi Chen, the Maharaja of Hardwar and Kalu RInpoche.

    Marilyn Stablein's wry voice tells how it was, clamly and clearly, unadorned...whether on the ground with sadhus and chapatis or in the sky with diamonds these wise prose poems evoke a last epiphany of the best of east and west."      --     Keith Dowman, The Power Places of Tibet











The Census Taker Traveler Tales


    ​  "These pleasant reveries contain wry observations which color a person's life in a foreign culture. The witty brevity in which they are relayed marks the arrival of a fresh, surprising and unique voice in the American short story form."  

                                                                                                         --Carolyn Forche


    "The author's eye is open wide, and her writing is fresh, funny, and exhilarating."    

                                                                                                        --Peter Matthiessen

     "The best, truest, and secretly truest writing ever done on life in Bharat (India).

                                                                                                        --Gary Snyder